3 Day Board Start Kitesurfing Lessons 

Welcome to IKO Level 3 in your Kitesurfing Lessons
3 sessions 4hrs long working on exactly what you want. Lets get on the Board! We will supply everything you need except the Boots. Practice your Board Starts, turning, riding toe-side, your first jump. Or whatever you want to learn to improve your kitesurfing. Once booked you have all of the season to complete your lessons. These kitesurfing lessons will ave you confident in your abilities and ready to venture out with your friends to all your favourite kitesurfing beaches and thoroughly enjoy your days on the water. We will start with a 5 or 10 minute body dragging session after set up then it's straight in to action getting on the board and improving your skills. 

This course is for Intermediate Kite Surfers.  3 days £350  

Please call 07799 532725 to book.

Steve Jones
21-24 Garden Lane
Email: steve@kiteboardinglessons.co.uk
Phone: 07799 532725