The IKO Standard and our Teaching Ratios are as follows:

IKO Assistant Kiteboarding Instructors

Assistant Instructors can teach one student under supervision of a higher Instructor.

IKO Level 1 Kitebording Instructors 

IKO Level 1 Instructors, can run lessons fully and independently with two students and one kite at the same time.

IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructors

IKO Level 2 Instructors can have 2 Kites flying and teach 4 students at the same time. At this Level your Instructor has over 800hrs of teaching experience and is taking further courses to improve their knowledge and teaching experience.

Steve Jones IKO Level 2 Senoir Kiteboarding Instructor

At this level Steve can have 4 Kites Flying on the Kitesurfing Lessons with the help of an IKO Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor and above, an IKO Level 2 Senior has over 1000hrs of teaching experience under their belt. Steve Jones is on 3000hrs +

These are the rules and standards set by our governing body and teachers the IKO


2 Students to 1 Kite Max

We only teach with 2 Students to one Kite Maximum and you will have your own Instructor. 2 Kites will be in the air if you're being taught by an IKO Level 2 Senior.

Group Sessions

If we have 4 Kites flying there will be more IKO Instructors teaching. The more students that are booked the more Instructors we have teaching.

Personal Sessions

One to one training is available at North Wales Kitesurfing. You can do this as a Beginner or Intermediate Kitesurfer.This costs £100 per session.


Our booking system is straight forward to use, or you can call us to book, or just to get advice on which course is suitable for you 07799 532725

Personal Kitesurfing Tuition

Personal Tuition is available upon request, the sessions are 3hrs long and it will be you an IKO qualified Instructor and the North Kites and Boards. 

Please call to book your Personal kitesurfing lessons. They mainly run on weekends, but we can arrange during the week also. You will have a great time learning with North Wales Kitesurfing. 

Please call: 07799 532725

IKO Level 1 Personal

  • The 2 day beginners IKO Level 1 and Level 2 personal kitesurfing lessons are running every weekend and during the week upon request.

IKO Level 2 Personal

  • Work on you body dragging, kite re-launching, and your board starts. This is a 3hr personal session and runs on weekends and during the week.

Steve Jones
21-24 Garden Lane
Phone: 07799 532725