What to expect on your 2 Day IKO Level 1 and Level 2 Kitesurfing Lessons.

Kinmel Bay Beach May 2016 Setting up the Kite is where it all begins!

We will teach you as much as possible on yourIKO Level 1 Beginner kitesurfing lessons. We train for 4 hours each day and adjust the kitesurfing course depending on your progress and the conditions. There is always something to learn on your Kitesurfing lessons even if there is little wind. Sometimes it is best to have light wind so you can gain experience flying without feeling over powered. 

All the kitesurfing equipment will be provided for your Kitesurfing Lessons except Neoprene Boots which you will need for when you go in to the water. We start by using 5m North Dice Kites and then depending on the wind we will use the bigger Kites upto a maximum of 12m. We can only have two Kites flying at any one time on the Beach unless we have more instructors. We work strictly to the IKO Standards and Instructor to Student ratios. We always use up to date equipment from North Kiteboarding to teach.

Personal Tuition is available upon request.


Steve Jones
21-24 Garden Lane
Email: steve@kiteboardinglessons.co.uk
Phone: 07799 532725