North Dice 2016

Now in its third generation the ever-popular Dice has redefined versatility and performance. No matter what your style this kite has you covered, it’s perfect for wakestyle and freestyle allowing you to pull the latest moves and tricks with ease. With a fast progressive turn and dynamic handling it is also amazing in the waves offering excellent drift down the line.

For 2016 the leading edge has been swept back even further to offer superior low end power. The bridle has been optimized to make the structural profile even stiffer. A lot of work has been put into the struts this year, they are now thinner, making the kite faster and improving its 
jumping capabilities. Additionally, the struts have been further reinforced to offer better durability and there is a new Anti-Snag design on the leading edge tips to ensure the lines and bridle won’t get tangled in the event of a crash. Lastly, the Dice has been fitted with our improved Lazy Pump system for better airflow that will ensure you are the first person on the water.

If you want a kite that can handle anything you throw at it, and come back begging for more, then the Dice is the perfect choice. 

07799 532725 for more info or to order.

Steve Jones
21-24 Garden Lane
Phone: 07799 532725