North Vegas 2016

The benchmark was set many years ago by the Vegas, it is the ultimate freestyle weapon used by our Pro Team to have a resounding effect on the world stage. However, it doubles up as a great kite for ambitious riders too, boosting huge airs and providing great rider feedback! With it’s insane hangtime, it’s no wonder why Aaron Hadlow used the Vegas to become the King of The Air as well as take his assault on the World Tour!

For 2016, the profiles have been optimized to offer a more consistent pop, in addition the tension in the canopy of the kite has been improved, which leads to a higher structural stiffness and smoother ride. The new 3D-shaped canopy panels offer a cleaner airflow, whilst the new strut reinforcements increase the durability of the kite so it can handle the beatings dished out by our Pro Team! Anti-Snag is a new design for the leading edge tips, reducing the risk of lines tangling and the 2016 Vegas also benefits from our improved Lazy Pump inflation system for even better airflow.

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