North Mono 2017

We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to design and achieve outstanding products, so our team investigated the potential of a lighter kite with fewer struts. Introducing the Mono, one of the newest family members to the North Kiteboarding range who’s performance speaks for itself.

The Mono is a modern one strut design best suited to the accomplished Freerider wanting to travel light and advance on a Twin Tip, Directional or Foil. Stripping it back to basics, the Mono takes inspiration from the Neo where a soft bar feel and linear power development are key.

The Mono is easy to relaunch, offers a stable canopy and a very smooth handling. A very light but also very robust kite in a simple package. Completely new to the range is a 15sqm for light wind riding on a twintip, directional or foil! Get ready to enjoy a playful ride powered by a simple design.

07799 532725 for more info or to order.

Steve Jones
21-24 Garden Lane
Phone: 07799 532725